Although we specialize in videography, we offer photography services to our couples as well! It's a breeeeze when you stick with us for both photo and video; because we, obviously, know each other so well and can work off each other that much better. You also have the luxury of only working with one vendor -- that means less emails, less cameras in your face, etc. And, finally, if having a cohesive feel to your photos and video is important to you, then sticking with us is a great option. 

Bonus! we offer discounted rates on photography ($1,000 off), if booked for both! So, you end up savin' money honey.

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So, who does what?

When hired for both photo & video, Katie is the lead photographer and Zach is still the lead videographer. We highly suggest adding on second shooters to your package if you have a guest count over 80 people. This will be an option when reviewing the pricing guide!

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