Hey hey, we're Zach & Katie! Destination wedding videographers; retired college athletes; wanderers; (big) dreamers; "Survivor" junkies; and, most importantly, best friends. 

The kind of love we have is the kind of love we aim to capture... That "can't-eat, can't-sleep, reach-for-the-stars, over-the-fence, World Series kind of stuff."

Colorado is home, but we spend every January on the big island of hawaii. Traveling and experiencing the world together is our passion. We feel so fortunate that our job allows us to live out that passion & serve others in the process.

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"our wedding film captured the beauty of Maui just like we wanted. The quality of the drone shots and camera footage were so unreal. Katie and Zach were so much fun to work with and they had such good vibes on our special day. We would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting to do a destination wedding as they will go above and beyond to make it so scenic, beautiful, and capture every detail so you will always feel like you are reliving those special moments again!"

So much fun to work with

Our film was, simply put, amazing. it possesses all of the energy that I felt on our wedding day. My husband and I are so excited to watch this on all of our anniversaries to come (though I must admit that I've watched it on a random Tuesday since we received it more than a normal amount). The second I watched it, I was already thinking about other special moments that Katie and Zach could capture for us in the future. This video will forever be one of our most special keepsakes.

So excited to watch this on anniversaries

2021 couple here! Navigating through a pandemic and planning a wedding is mind blowing, but having flexible and compassionate vendors brings so much joy to our special day! W&W films are uniquely catered to the couples. They captured and pieced together the most beautiful parts seamlessly. To see our loved ones moving and enjoying our day is priceless—you can’t put a price on this. 10/10 highly recommend, you won’t regret reliving your day—over&over&over again. Trust!

You can't put a price on this.

Katie and Zach are the most talented individuals!! And, not only that, they are wonderful people! They brought such joy the whole wedding weekend. They were encouraging and just a blast to be around. The pictures and video were more than I could have ever asked for. I would 10/10 recommend everyone to hire Katie and Zach. I have goosebumps just thinking about our video, and now need to go watch it AGAIN haha. Katie and Zach, we love you guys and think the world of you both! Thank you for capturing our dream wedding day.

I have goosebumps watching our video

I was so bummed once the wedding was over because I wanted to relive it over and over again and our film allows us to do this. It gives me the exact same feeling that I felt that day, from the music to the video shots, and I'm so grateful that we have it and will be able to watch it for years to come.

It gives me the exact same feeling i felt that day

You can literally FEEL the love and joy radiating through each clip of our video - and I'm not the only one who feels that way. I've shared with many friends / family who weren't able to join and they all have said that it makes them feel a little bit like they were there, experiencing our wedding day with us. THANK YOU does not, and will not ever, suffice for your beautiful work!

Thank you does not, and will not ever, suffice

Where do I even begin!? When my husband and I first watched our wedding video, we cried the entire time. Even now (after watching it over and over), we still cry. Katie and Zach did an incredible job at capturing all of the love shared by us, as well as all of our family and friends. They captured the beauty of Kauai in such a breathtaking way! The video captured every moment I could have possibly asked for!

We cried the entire time

Katie and Zach truly felt like they were friends we have always known and were such a big help in more ways than just being our wedding videographers. When we changed our wedding venue due to COVID, they did not hesitate to support us and still be there for our day. We would recommend them to any of our friends for sure!

Katie & Zach felt like friends we have always known

Our experience of working with Water & Whimsy was truly amazing. We replanned our whole wedding in just over a month and Katie was so helpful, I'd like to say she was our second wedding planner!! The replanning process was stressful, but she was there to help, give ideas, and just listen... all the things we needed in such a confusing time. We are SO OBSESSED with our video. We haven't once pressed play and been able to hide a tear. We will forever continue to recommend them to every friend of ours soon to be married, we would be doing a disservice if we didn't.

Katie was so helpful - like a second wedding planner!

We always knew we wanted our special day to be something we could look back on and show our own children someday. What we really enjoyed about our film is how raw and intimate it demonstrated the day. I sometimes feel like wedding videos can come across cheesy or poorly edited, but Katie and Zach did not disappoint. We loved that although we only had 40 people to help us celebrate, we were still able to show our loved ones that couldn’t be there. Our overall experience with Katie and Zach was a 100/10 as videographers and from now on we will always recommend them first to others.

Our overall experience was 100/10

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Utah, Idaho, Arizona & New York -- and more Abroad! Let's go to Italy, Ireland, Switzerland, Norway, Greece, Bali...

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