Relationship based


We’re not vendors, and you’re not our client. If we’re doing this thing, we’re going to be friends by the end of it… and hopefully far past it!! That being said, relationships are everything to us. 
As friends, we want to be there for you. Whether that be location scouting, hooking you up with our favorite vendors, FaceTime check-ins, meeting up for a cocktail or anything else… we’re here for you!

In the end, it's about how you FEEL.

A big thing we stress to couples before booking is: we are not about perfection. You’ll rarely see us fixing the brides hair or making her train fall just right. We might prompt, but we certainly don't pose. If someone says something goofy... if you take tequila shots... if you forget your vows at the altar... if it absolutely down pours, and your makeup gets smudged in the rain... it'll all probably make the video. Why? Well, we've fallen in love with the mess of things. The human things. We aim to create honest work in everything that we do. Capturing your relationship... your day. Not a cheesy hallmark one. We want you to recognize yourself in your video - we want it to feel like you.
If you're looking for something a bit more structured, we might not be a good fit!

Another thing - we are not about perfection.

Probably the most important thing to us is that we're working with couples that put their experience first. Not what mom says you have to do... not what society says you have to do... but having each part of the day reflect who you are as a couple. We believe, whole heartedly, that when you PUT YOUR EXPERIENCE AND FEELINGS FIRST, you leave with the best memories (and the best video ayyyy).

It's important to us that you FIND A LOT OF VALUE in videography and photography. And, hopefully, equal value in both. We wouldn't want to book a couple that's hiring us just to check off a box. We want to book couples that are geeked to be working with us! Reminder that our company works off of relationships - this is a two way street!   

Who you love or what you look like doesn't matter to us - we just want couples that ARE OVER THE MOON IN LOVE. Couples that are each other's best friend. Couples that don't mind a little PDA, and would jump on the opportunity to make out a little ;)

We're a good fit if you...

"We absolutely loved our film from Water & Whimsy! They captured so many intimate moments and details throughout the day. It was beautiful to see our wedding day from an outside perspective. Our experience working with Katie and Zach was amazing through and through. They stayed in touch with us tons before our special day and made sure we were on the same page with everything! The day of was also spectacular. They are such an amazing couple and we got along with them so well! They helped to make us feel special and comfortable throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend Water & Whimsy to any friends I have getting married! They went above and beyond with our video, including aspects that we had not even asked for but were so grateful to see!"

They stayed in touch with us tons before the big day.

"Our experience of working with Water and Whimsy was truly amazing. We replanned our whole wedding in just over a month and Katie was so helpful, I'd like to say she was our second wedding planner ;) The replanning process was stressful, but she was there to help, give ideas, and just listen... all the things we needed in such a confusing time. We are SO OBSESSED with our video. We can't turn it off and we are crossing our fingers that video's can somehow soon be displayed as art work in a home?!?! The way the music matches with the footage is just so good, especially in our highlight. Not only does it capture our love so well, but it captures the whole night spot on. We wanted our wedding to be one that was emotional, heartfelt, but also a big party with our favorite people. We haven't once pressed play and been able to hide a tear. We will forever continue to recommend them to every friend of ours soon to be married, we would be doing a dis service if we didn't."

We haven't once pressed play and been able to hide a tear.

We cannot explain how amazing zach & katie are to work with.

We cannot stop smiling when we watch our wedding video! Zach & Katie did an absolutely amazing job capturing our day and turning it into a special video we will have forever. We cannot explain how AMAZING Zach & Katie are to work with. On wedding days, there are so many people involved (vendors, guests, wedding party, etc.) and they made the day nothing but fun -- no stress! I cannot recommend these two enough, we cannot say enough good things about them as people, professionals and videographers! <3

"I was so obsessed with my film. Y'all incorporated exactly what I asked for. I like that my video was special to me, it was unique and I feel like it captured our vibe. It brought back all the feels and I cry happy tears every time I watch it. I loved the voice overs of special parts of the day and the candidness of the film. To be honest, there were so many parts of the film that while I was watching that didn't even realize y'all had captured that. I liked that I never felt uncomfortable or like there was a camera in my face. It was such a fun experience. All my guest enjoyed the 2 of you. I loved the drone footage, SO HAPPY that was an option. YES I would most definitely recommend to any couples looking for a videographer. This was by far some of the best money I spent on my wedding. THANK YOU!!!"

By far some of the best money I've spent

Absolutely! In fact, a majority of our couples tweak their package a bit to fit their needs! When we send you our Pricing Guide, you'll have the chance to customize and prioritize anything and everything that you need. We are all about putting your experience first - not putting you in a box! We'll also figure out a lot in that initial FaceTime with you.

(8) Can i customize my package?

We do! And we would be so stoked to be able to do both for you! Click here to see our portfolio. If you book both photography and videography, Katie mans the photo and Zach mans the video. We hire on second shooters, if we see fit! It's easy breezy when you book us for both, because we work so dang well together and can pretty much read each other's minds ;)


Great!! It is rare that we have ever had an issue with a photographer. Most of the time, we end up sitting next to each other at a table and becoming friends! We view us as a team and the day as a collaboration. We love working with other artists and sharing ideas! It's important, though, that they view the relationship the same. If you don't plan on booking us for photography, we created a list of photographers we love to work with and trust wholeheartedly!

(10) How do you work with other photographers?

We don't really like to view it that way! "Cost" seems so temporary, like something you'd pick up at Starbucks ;) We consider this a true investment - something you can grow old with. Something that only becomes more meaningful with time. That being said, our video packages start at $6,000. If you need photography, that's an additional $4,000. Depending on what you add to your package and what your wedding is calling for, these numbers could increase! We feel VERY confident in what we can provide our couples - from experience to product. Your memories are worth it. Every time.



Yes! We actually encourage it. We find travel addicting and empowering - we just can't get enough. Plus, it's so dang fun making friends all over the world! If you need us to fly to you we'll incorporate that into your custom package. See our travel schedule for more information.

(3) Are you available for travel?

We are currently residing in Denver, CO - which we adore so much. We also spend quite a lot of time in the winter on the Big Island of Hawaii. We have family in Hawaii, so that's always felt like a second home to us. We both grew up in Michigan, so we film a few weddings each year there, too. Kind of all over the place!

(2) Where are you based?

Great question!! Zach is the wiz behind our videos. When we're at weddings, he is the primary videographer and Katie is the second shooter. He also does all the editing! Katie leads photography + handles the website, client communication, sales, social media, styled shoots, etc. (business end of things).

(9) What are your roles as business partners?

We are pretty hands on and involved! We like to feel like we're part of the day, experiencing it with you! Especially if it's a tiny wedding or elopement. We aren't "flies on the wall", but we also aren't all up in your grill! We like to think we find the perfect middle ground. Jumping in where we see fit, and backing off when you're having those more intimate moments with your hunni.

(4) What is your involvement on wedding day?

(11) How much is the deposit and how does it All work?

At the signing of the contract, you'll owe a non-refundable deposit of $2,000 (which is taken out of your overall fee). Your date is not legally secure until your deposit is paid and the contract is signed. The remaining balance is due 1 month prior to your big day, unless we've set up a special payment plan method - these are available upon request!

(5) How have you been handling Covid-19?

Our hearts just break for our couples!!! We like to think that we've been as helpful as possible in the re-planning process, as well as a shoulder to cry on when shit gets hard. We actually have felt like therapists at times (haha). The only way you'd lose your deposit is if you choose not to work with us anymore, or you pick a new date that we aren't available for. If we find a new date together, that works for all parties, your deposit will be transferrable! 

(6) How does the song selection work? Can we help?

We choose the music for a two reasons! (1) The flow of the film/pacing. This is the most important aspect when it comes to the music choice. Not every awesome song is going to "go" with the clips we have from your wedding. This is actually a really hard part of being a videographer! Song choice is key to the film moving forward naturally. (2) All the music we use is licensed by MusicBed! It is illegal to use unlicensed songs. Therefore, we are picking from a large, but limited, selection - popular "radio" songs might not be on this list.

We do ask you specific questions to get to know your taste and style! What genre of music you like, your all-time favorite song, what movies you love, and so on. Trust us, you'll love the songs we choose!!

(12) Do you back-up our footage?

Heck yeah! & on MULTIPLE hard drives! We legally back-up your footage from the day we finish filming, until 3 months post delivery. We have kept footage from 10+ years ago, but we can not guarantee anything after 3 months. So make sure you save your video in multiple places :)

(13) How many weddings do you shoot per year?

We take on a limited number of weddings per year, in order to give our couples (and ourselves) the best experience possible!! Currently, we typically take on 20-25 weddings per year. That means, spots go quickly! Especially summer months! Make sure to reach out the minute you know :)

There's no denying - being in front of a camera (let alone 3 or 4) can be awkward and intimidating!! Trust us, Over the years, we've had many opportunities to be in your position, and it can be nerve wrecking... especially if you choose the wrong photographer/videographer. No matter who you end up going with for your big day, make sure that you feel comfortable. Make sure that they're your hype men!! Make sure that they'd be people you'd want to hang out with any other dang day.

That's what we are for our couples! We know the struggles of "does this hand look weird" or "she just asked me to do what!?" (lol) - we pride ourselves on knowing yall well enough before the big day that we can joke with you, get you to let your guard down, and dance it out! It's SO important to us that taking your photos/video isn't something you dread... it's something that ends up being really fun!

We know what it's like to be in front of the camera, too!