It all started at a hotdog stand in 2017. Yes, a hot dog stand. It was after a night out on the town, a few too many drinks, and, therefore, an overly confident attitude.

From that night forward, we were inseparable. Truly! In the 4 years we've been together we've only spent 3 consecutive nights apart. So, yeah. We like each other a bit. We got married ourselves on Maui, March 1st, 2021, which has made working in the wedding industry that much more fun (& emotional haha).

We both grew up in Michigan, spent 3 consecutive winters in Hawaii, and now reside in the rocky mountains of Colorado! We like to think we're adventurers, just like you.

We believe in all that lovey dovey stuff.

Colorado Wedding Videographers

I've never missed a day without dark chocolate. It's gotten to the point where Zach actually adds it to the grocery list without me knowing, because it's a "necessity". Husband material, am I right?

I'm an enneagram type 7 wing 8. If you know, you know.

Back in my hay day I played college soccer, and won 3 consecutive National Championships. I miss it sometimes, but am so happy with where my life has lead me.

I'm one of those disgusting "Bachelor" fanatics. You know, the ones that listen to past contestants' podcasts and follow them all on Instagram. I can't help it. The show is pure gold.

When it comes to the business, I manage all of YOU ;) I focus on sales, social media, and marketing. On wedding days, I second shoot video and primary shoot photo (when hired for both)!

about Katie...

Iceland circa de 2018






Park '20

about Zach...

I'm Joe Rogan's biggest fan. Never missed a podcast!

My whole life, I've played tennis and waterskied - I played tennis collegiately for both WMU and GVSU (where I met Kate). My most recent obsession is surfing! I always have to be doing something active.

 I have another job! I'm the Director of Marketing for a small tech startup called "MaxOne" - go check it out!

I love everything about filmmaking. On week nights, you can probably catch me watching the most recent camera reviews on YouTube. A gear junkie to say the least.

When it comes to the business, I'm the primary shooter and the sole editor. I love finding story throughout our film and bringing it to life!






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There's no denying - being in front of a camera (let alone 3 or 4) can be awkward and intimidating!! Trust us, Over the years, we've had many opportunities to be in your position, and it can be nerve wrecking... especially if you choose the wrong photographer/videographer. No matter who you end up going with for your big day, make sure that you feel comfortable. Make sure that they're your hype men!! Make sure that they'd be people you'd want to hang out with any other dang day.

That's what we are for our couples! We know the struggles of "does this hand look weird" or "she just asked me to do what!?" (lol) - we pride ourselves on knowing you well enough before the big day that we can joke with you, get you to let your guard down, and dance it out! It's SO important to us that taking your photos/video isn't something you dread... it's something that ends up being really fun!

We know what it's like to be in front of the camera, too!